Getting started:

All you need to start mining are these two things:

  • A bitcoin wallet linked to your FaucetPay account
  • Mining software

Do you not have a bitcoin wallet or address? Don't fret! can help you choose one that suits you best. Link your new address to your FaucetPay account (explained here).

Note: all your earnings will go to this address. If you want to change it, just input another address.

Mining software:

First, download miner which will automatically detect your hardware (CPU or GPU). A dedicated GPU can mine anywhere from 150-1,000 hashes per second, depending on your cards. A processor can mine anywhere from 10-300 hashes a second depending its performance and clock rate. GPU mining is a lot more profitable. Find your estimated hashrate(s) for your parts here.

Download latest version.

How to use these miners:

  • Download the miner.
  • Unzip and run it.
  • Input your BTC address which is linked with FaucetPay and press "Start".
  • Enjoy your profits!