Earn Free Crypto

Do you want to earn more Bitcoin? How would you like to do it almost 100% passively? Lately I started focusing more and more on Bitcoin. I have found and have been using some of the best places to earn FREE bitcoin and sometimes other crypto currency too. This is just a brief list of sites that I use and thought others might find them useful too.

Faucet Income Sites

The first one that I like and have been using for a long time is FreeBitco.in


You can earn Satoshi once an hour and use the site as often as you like. You receive lottery tickets each time you roll and can win up to $200 in Bitcoin. Plus if you keep your Bitcoin there you'll earn 4.08% compounded DAILY. You can also multiply hour earnings using the multiplier but be careful it can become a little addicting!

PLUS!!! If you sign up under me at Freebitco.in, I repay 50% of my referral earnings BACK to my referrals. Who else would give you their referral earnings?

I have received several payouts from this site. I basically use it to store my earnings from other faucets. I'm happy to earn interest on work I've already done. I have always received my BTC within an hour or less.

The next on my list is Cointiply. They have lots of ways to earn coins that can be withdrawn once you reach 30,000 coins. Want to earn interest? You will after you accumulate 35,000 coins. Another great place for passive income.

Earn Free Bitcoin

The next one, which is quickly becoming a favorite is FireFaucet. They too have a lot of offers and ways to earn but what I like is the Auto Claim Feature. You gain Auto Claim Points by doing tasks and are accumulated when you do a survey, click a link or other activies on the site. THen you use those points to automatically claim crypto from the faucet. Just keep your window open and your earning while doing nothing!

Fire Faucet : The Best Auto Faucet

Recent FireFaucet Payments

  • 1. 4/19/20 txId: 268bf3be193aaa7d6d7fd8cb551182326ab7c4420d98010b2d1d542bf9a0cda8 Amount: 0.00031264
  • 2. 4/28/20 txId: pending Amount: 0.00030746

Passive Mining Income

Like millions of other people I have used Chrome browser for years but recently I have switched to CryptoTab Browser. I now use this along side, sometimes instead of, my Chrome Browser and I earn bitcoin ALL DAY LONG!! It's built with the same source code as Chrome and has all the same features. Just turn it on, tell the program how much power to use and that's it!

Payouts take 24-36 hours so don't be like me and send a rude email.

Recent CryptoTab Payments

  • 1. 4/6/20 txId: fe4f49fb9542f7deb013ddb42cf68fa9b892d67e70b9c37e67e8b7f69d9528f6 Amount: 0.00005218
  • 2. 4/28/20 txId: 1ad4143bd493745d1907fdc728da3fec6fdb3659338a6dfdcc0c4f3702657ac2 Amount: 0.00010166

Want to mine for coins using your smartphone? Click this link to mine PI from your phone or smart device - minepi.com - after download, enter austin752 as the “referral” code. Come back to your app once every 24 hours, sign in, click one button a day to confirm your a human and as simple as that your mining for PI!

Another way to passively mine for crypto is Electroneum. They have a global growing network and have a solid base for future expansion. There is no promo link or banner but once you sign up you can download their mobile app. You only need to provide an image of yourself twice to prove you're human. Then using the app you will be able to passively earn Electroneum, the app doesn't even have to be open. It all happens in the cloud. You only need to login and extend your earning ability once every 7 days.

One more way to passively mine for Bitcoin is through HoneyMiner. Using their software ANYONE with a computer can mine for Bitcoin. You simply install and let it run in the background. Once you reach $20 you can cash out.

The next one I found is called HoneyGain. Similar to HoneyMiner they also have a piece of software to download. Again you sign up and install the software and that's it, Your mining for Bitcoin using your own computer. Their software allows your computer to mine for crypto just like the big boys.


As of writing this I have HoneyGain and HoneyMiner running in the background while I have my CryptoTab Browser open. That's 3 ways of passively getting Bitcoin. Then inside my CryptoTab Browser I have tabs open so I can easily mine from my favorite faucets. Once an hour I collect my satoshi from the faucets and go about my day. Leave your computer on all day and the crypto will start flowing. Free and easy ways to earn Bitcoin.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this. There are more sites out there and when I find them I'll be adding them here so be sure to check back often. I will be posting more payout proofs in the future.